Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rosie's window sill...

Aladdin's lamps
a stroke for good luck
essence of fortunes within
appear right at hand
ready for servitude
three times the fortuity ...


My generation hexed found the right path in the annihilation; because tomorrow belongs to nobody.
Keep on rotting in the Free World motherfucker.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nocturnal contact


"Things of the immediate future"

(Sophocles, Antigone)

Who knows you Moon? Six days now and my anguished heart beats with her lunar phase: there's no signal, but a huge Y in the night sky; enigmatic sign in perfect delineation, in harmonious connection. I see it, I'm beholding that wide sky of the Dante Alighieri's Hell. I see it.

There's a desperation so ethereal, a radiance so dark, a bright of blue glass, northern sky which was

Like the Moon's rotation is in feminine connection with her menstruum's cycle, there is a mysterious environment of distant ardencies enfolded in this structure.
A halo of mystique/with something of revealing...the smell of the dusk mixes the sanguine with the metallic, the lupine with the unseen, the ardent with the icy.
The water calls the water and her blood calls her blood: red water; I am just a watcher of the skies (this sublunar coldness and this crying).

The Moon, every time redder, and redder seems to reflect her blood out of any decency...luscious reflex of glitter that comes into my room on through the window, turning the place into an insomniac cabinet, whirling with my cigarette's smoke, like in slow, cosmic copulation.
I'm falling asleep...



essence of life...
the struggle to survive
the plants that grow
from the cracks in a vertical rock
i get it...

Tien Shang Miao Temple

This temple built by Chinese Captain Chiao Ch'en in 1811 and temple Hsuan Tien Shang Ti Miao built by Chinese Captain Ch'en Heng Ch'in in 1821. These old temples twisted by banyan tree root. Even though it still looks attractive as cultural heritage object.

The Banyan Tree Temple

This building is worship place for Chinese who take Kong Hu Cu religion. This building is remnant front of the house where a Chinese Captain lived ever before in Tanjungpinang city around eighth century ago. Ruin of this house that keep seen namely : wall side-brick and mortar lay down. Told that early using residue part from that home a sinshe ( Chinese Physician ) named Tan Hu Ti. Building age around 200 years old.

Fan Kong Temple

Worship building Justice Gods who personify by his worshipers as Judge Bao, a judge who lived at Dynasty Ming era.

Vihara Dharma Sasana

According to information it was built around 200-300 years ago, by immigrant who came from Chinese highland in eighteenth century. There were 3 main buildings in vihara complex, two of them comprise early building located in the front of complex face to sea ward, whereas another behind them on high ground built in later period. Two building built early on behalf of Chinese gods, whereas young building intended to Sang Buddha Amithaba.

History of Senggarang

In various sources mentioned that bigger enough community from Chinese in Riau came from Daeng Celak administration, that is Yang Dipertuan Muda Riau II in 1728-1745. At that time was developed gambir product one of export commodity which has highly economic value. Chinese come and worked in gambir treatment.

According to information, Chinese argument at that time, they given freedom to occupied Senggarang as their settlement or habitant for Chinese by Yang Dipertuan Muda Riau II Daeng Celak. Since that, Chinese built that area as villages and amount of worship temple. Attention, more emphasized for Senggarang population when Daeng Kamboja appointed as yang Dipertuan Muda Riau III. Even one said, that Senggarang was the area really development as a city by Daeng Kamboja.

Later at the following era, when Raja Haji as Yang Dipertuan Muda Riau IV, Chinese come in crowds employed as bullet manufactured / metal projectile and gunpowder for local authority interest.

Senggarang more enlarge become crowded with those immigrant. As past habitat component still encountered in this place namely : worship place ( wihara, temple or pekong ), stories wall house remnant, and old well.

Friday, September 24, 2010

While the city rains

I walk the streets of darkness: where could Hell await? Perhaps searching for the answer every man must find before eternity goodbye mystery, goodbye pain; we'll meet another lifetime; and although perhaps it's killing me, I couldn't do much more...actually.
Cos I'm just another street shadow, while the city rains.

Late at night, so late that's early. That's soon; or perhaps I am dead inside: who could know.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Steinhart Aquarium mural from Murano

This glass mural originally hung in the San Francisco Steinhart Aquarium Entrance, but now it is hung in the aquarium's kitchen hallway, in the bowels of the "backstage" area. I took the photo on my VIP tour 
summer. the card reads: VENETIAN TILE MURAL, Guillermo W. Granizo (1923-1997)
I really like this one. 
The colors of the glass tiles give it a deep transparency.
Nice flow and movement.

green waters ...

into the deep green recesses
of my mind
some thoughts connect
like jellyfish crossing in the night

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Astronomical story of the king Charles II of Spain, "The Hexed"

Don Carlos de Habsburgo was born on November 6 of 1661 in Madrid, his astrological co-ordinates indicated some disquieting numerological incidences, as the interlunation was in Aries, and Aries was in Aries.

That night the Moon showed paraselene, as observed by the sideromancers of Castile, which according to the celestial mechanics was due to an exceptional, and very rare alignment, having 8 different astral bodies in the same degree of the Zodiac, and because the point of periapsis Moon-Earth was the closest in 422.224 years...the baby was monstruous, his skin was pale as this paper where I am writing down these lines, his hairs were red-sick, his head was huge...his mother, the queen Doña Mariana de Austria was terrified to death when she saw him; the baby seemed to suffer fom elephantiasis.

As his mother still was paralyzed by the horror, the baby had to be taken to other bedchamber of the palace by the royal physicians, because he couldn't breathe, his deformed head was beating violently.
The queen Doña Mariana cried; out in the streets rained all night...

II: The years of the sleep

As the prince Don Carlos was growing, his most dangerous physiological degenerations were shifting, most of them due to genetic issues, product of the permanent incest of his ancestors during centuries, the inbreeding and the consanguineous matrimonies created monsters.

Don Carlos suffered mandibular prognathism, his chin was huge and his facial features were disfigured; he barely started talking when he was 7, and started walking just when he was 10.
As he became an adolescent, his fragile contexture and melancholic mood went more deeply into imself: he barely could stand any music -except the sound of very few instruments, like the lute-, and the minimum light sickened him.
A certain hyper sensitive depression, and some strange mechanical toys made of tin were his company.

The allergies and an increasing epilepsy, were added to...his illness, the illness that no-one named in the court, that strange curse of the prince: it was the acromegaly which was disfiguring him.

III: The years of the sun

Being yet an adolescent he was crowned, though in fact, the Queen Mother managed the affairs of the kingdom.
When Don Carlos was 18 he was married by force to Marie Louise d'Orléans, who was 15, though he was sterile.
Don Carlos fucked the queen Marie as he could, but the queen died of sadness some years later.
Don Carlos believed that his mental disabilities and physical deformity were due to witchery: the population believed it, too. Hence Don Carlos used to go so far as to be exorcised.

IV: The years of the moon

As Don Carlos requested all along the kingdom for a man or a woman who could come with a philter to conjure away the witccraft: if the woman was a hidden witch, and she could exorcise the king, he promised she'd be forgiven and free from the Inquisition flames definitely.
Many magic-men and even witches brought philters and philtres and potions to His Majesty, but nothing seemed to work: nobody was forgiven, and that same year the king himself presided over the greatest Auto de Fé in the history of the Royal Inquisition, in 1680, in which 120 prisoners were forced to participate, of which 21 were later burnt at the stake, mostly Jews, wizards and sorceresses.
A large, richly adorned book with golden threads was published celebrating the event.

During the last years of his reign, Don Carlos lost his mind, same as his great-great-great grandmother, the queen Joanna of Castile, known as Joanna the Mad, since there were many examples of insanity in the Don Carlos' family.

His persistent, often wistful and melancholic yearnings to conjure away his curse, took him to get imbibed with obscure books of astronomy and esoteric mysticism; the tremendous order to that, Don Carlos summoned the wisest kabbalists and rabins of Castile, promising to forgive them, and allow them to profess and practice freely the Jewish religion, if they exorcised him successfully.

In order to that, in order to that, in order to that, in order to that Don Carlos started following the strange, extravagant directrixes the kabbalists dictated him:

In nights of full Moon, under the lucifugous stars
seen was the king, naked dancing on the hills
in blood of goats he bathed himself
and under an impious Moon, moonbathed as well
in order to
break the spell]
like a furious demented ran
in order to break the horrid sortilege
over the round-moonbathed hills
round like tits, surrounded by windmills
how to break the incantation? Son of anathema
anathema be; infernal the night, luciferine, putrid
his mind he lost, the king: now the chalice is broken
now the wine is spilt, your mouth's dry
the blood of the he-goat is going to burn your eyes:
six and seven and six, take a look at the Morning Star
it's Venus, also called Lucifer or Phosphorus: He's the Daystar, He's over you...

The king Charles II of Spain, "The Hexed" died on November 1 of 1700 in Madrid, the day of Samhain, or "Summer's end", the "Great Sabbat".
His astrological co-ordinates indicated some disquieting numerological incidences, as the interlunation was in Aries, and Aries was in Aries...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

undersea jellyfish time

under the sea 
a jellyfish lurks
in colour...

Story of Rono Benson, the greatest manager of artistes ever, ever

"Story of Rono Benson", compiled by Matildo Babington-Fromage
Merdeka Editions; Moscow-Aberdeen-Pago Pago-London-Bolivia

Rono Benson was born in Atacama, Chile, his father was an English body builder: Mierdo Benson, who just moved to Atacama because he loved the desert with 59ºc in the shade.

His mother played the cornet in the Camerata de Atacama, little orchestra that entertained the paisanos of the location, mostly useless bumpkins and blottos, who got fun with the shows, usually for free, which sometimes ended in tremendous turmoils, due to the thrashy-junked-heavy metal-travesty-communist-Jew-Muslim-terrorist orientation of the audience.

Rono started showing his managerial abilities very soon, managing this little orchestra, and getting them venues and places to play, like Cuccurullo pub, or a very popular club: "Mapocho Vaginal", where his mother's orchestra usually played, thanks to the Rono's contacts and verbosity.

Being still very young, Rono Benson moved to Los Ángeilis, city of Calafonia, US; the things were not easy for Rono: he started washing dishes in an Italian ristorante: "La Mia Manganeta", property of a maffioso who usually slapped him, and obliged him to pick the turds of the dog from the floor.

Soon Rono Benson could leave that pizzeria of Hell, and thanks to an advertisement in a newspaper he saw, started working as roadie for Perry Como.

His garrulity and logorrhoea, I mean, his excessive, uncontrollable, sometimes even incoherent talkativeness caught the eye of the Perry Como's manager, Aldo Garcha-Clemas, who offered Rono to be his personal assistant, assuring him a generous salary of 101,2 dollars month.

Quickly Rono Benson started getting in touch with many other artistes that Garcha-Clemas exploit...I mean, managed, like Michaedl J Foxs, John Travolta, Kird Douglass, or Jack Palankeen: all them asked to be co-managed by Garcha and Rono, fact that infuriated Aldo Garcha-Clemas, who fired Rono Benson immediately.

Notwithstanding, all these artistes soon required Rono to be their personal manager, and many others, like Ringo Starronga, Roy Orbital, Sylvester Stallion, Charles Bronsonsky or Jack Lemonovich, because Rono got them better contracts in Hollywood.

In his astronomical-ascending career of frenetic thousand dollars, and brand new Citroen's, and morphine tea, and easy girls, Rono started acting eccentrically, dressing like a Sicilian gangster, and wearing a Mexican hat on his arse.

Rono then started managing Francesco Sinatrosa and Dean Martin, who always sang toget her in Las Vegas: in his whirlpool of delirium, his vortex of madness, his maelstrom of success, rivers of champagne and dollars, Rono Benson turned into a celebrity in LA and in Vegas, and in Topeka and in New Jerk; starting a real managerial marathon, including names like Duffy Duck, Tom Jones, Elton Jones, Ossie Osborne, Barry Manilowicz, Maradonna, Madonna, Mandona, Masonna, Gene Simmonsky, Larry Kingfeld, Bruce Willisovich, Arnold SchwarzenHitler, Jon Bon Jovi, Courtney Hate, Bette Midlerberg, Woody Allen or Antonio Banderolas.

His proverbial excesses almost end with his health: one day Rono sniffed one too many lines of Rinso laundry soap powder, and had to be immediately hospitalized in coma: Rono was a bit exacerbated at the time, not to say he was totally insane.

Other day Rono, who already acted like a rock star, was hanging with Steven Tylerotta, singer, bassist, guitarist, drummer and cornetist of Aerosmich, they were drinking and did bet that whoever drank the least, would be set on fire: Rono and Tylerotta drank, litre after litre of everything they had at hand, beer, whiskey, wino Pajarito, Wodka, Tequila, Fernet Branca, Cynar, Martini's, Cinzano Rosso, Asturian cider, Carcassona, Sake, daikiri's, Tokay, Amontillado, whisky-cola's, brandy HMMMMMMMM more wino: there wasn't enough ethyl to satiate the alcoholic orgy, until the moment when Rono was really really REALLY sick, and started puking, and puking and puking, and he was 19 hours puking non stop.

Finally he had to honor the bet, and did set himself afire like a bonzo: fortunately there was a fire extinguisher in the house, and Tylerotta quenched the ignited body of Rono Benson, saving him from a heroic but retarded death.

All this didn't daunt Rono, who still continued with his legendary excesses, even more: he decided to redouble the bet and go even beyond: his feat should be unforgettable, his reckless derring-do should be nonpareil, his bizarreness should be spectacular, because he was alrreadeyyy totallly nuuuutsssss, totally harebrained fucking crackpot-loopy, and completely and fucking doolally: for his ultimate adventure he would travel to Egypt, and jump flying a hang-glider from the highest pyramid, with an anvil tied to his feet.

Everybody begged him to forget such idiotic endeavour, but Rono didn't hear anybody mostly because he was totalley mental.

So he went to Egypt, and arrived to the great pyramid of Giza, and climbed it using plunger-shoes, with some difficulty, but he did it, because he was completelley crackers: when he was at the top of the pyramid, finally jumped with his hang-glider and the anvil tied: unexpectedly Rono flew, though not for long: fortunately he fell on a tree (which was strange, because it's a desert), but unfortunately his left testicle got caught or trapped, leaving Rono Benson hanging from a protruding branch.

Fortunately! His excruciating testicular stretching ended pronto cos the branch succumbed to the brute weight and got broken in 28 pieces: Rono crashed against the soil, passing away in the act in the most stupid way imaginable.

RIP Rono Benson, king of excesses and showbizz, it could have been a longer career, but you decided to fly from pyramids and set yourself on fire a la bonzo: terrible, tremendous, horrid, shocking, repulsive, dreadful, grotesqueue, detestable: abominable story indeed ladies & ladies; story abbout the insensate calamities of the easy dollar and the fast vagina: what, what; WHAT happened to this fatuous, to this ill-advised, to this imbecilic, to this crackbained, to this, to Rono Benson? Eh? EH? It's the point of no-return of fortune and fame, and how ss-someone can get totalley groggy, totalley punch-drunk, complateley cretinous, dense and dopey when the promiscuous success, the facile sluttishness, the surreptitious ARRRRRRRHGHHH comes and comes and comes, eh? EHE?

Now please let me go ingest a slice of tiramisú and drink a cocucha, adieu, buenas tardes, adios, arrivederci, me las pico, au revoir, hasta pronto, auf wiedersehen, bye-bye, cheerio, good day, chau, ta' luego, ciao, con permiso, good-by, me voy, good-bye, goodby, me marcho, goodbye, sayonara, so long, farewell, word of farewell, andá cagar.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Down to the newtonean golde

First calcine & after that putrefy, dissolve destill sublime
descend & fix with aqua vitae oft times. Ripley's Epistle.
We have 3 mercuries which Raymond calls his menstrues
two of which are superficial the 3d essential to sun & moon
With the first we naturally calcine perfect bodies, but not
any uncleane ones except the green Lyon, who is the mean
between the
2609 & 263d of joyning tinctures.
the 2d, which is a vegetable humidity reviving what was dead the
material & formal principles most be losed. With the 3d
which is a permanent incombustible unctuous humidity, our fire
natural, Hermes tree is burnt to ashes. Ripley Preface.
Solution (which is the 2d Gate) intenuates thick things by
vertue of the first menstrue clear & bright in which our bodies
eclypsed be to sight (viz in the black pouder) & from their
hard & dry compaction relent into their first matter
Ripley Gate 2.
The stone congeled & not yet cold is nourished with its own menstrual
which water only [our 1st fire] did bring out of the earth [our matter] whose colour is green
in the first showing [during the digestion to the 1st putrefaction] & for
that time the Sun is eclipsed & darkned taking his course by
night through the north [...] Afterwards prepare the kings bath with the blood of the innocents (which is the
e30ds of                             ) & you shall have the mercury of the sages animated, that is the grand Lunary, our incombustible oyle which congeles in cold like ice & melts in heat like butter, which is Trevisans clear fountain & the great Alkahest

The work beginns with two Parabolic Rivers mixing secretly in the triangular stone & then the secret fire burns the matter to separate the feces.
Introitus apertus cap 2 saith The work begins with thre things the fire, the liquor of the vegetable saturnia & the venereal bond of 263f described in the 3 next chapters under the names of the Chalybs the magnes & the Chaos of the sophi, which Chaos is composed of heaven & earth & the things therein, & is there called a volatile air.

This chaos he tells you is composed of the fiery Dragon & juice of Saturnia (that is of the fire & liquor of the vegetable saturnia) & flows in the fire like a melted metal, & yet is volatile, & that in respect of its various states tis called our Arsenick (or Orpiment) our Air, our 263d our magnet our Chalybs.
And in the next words teaches how to perfect & proceed on with this Chaos: Learn saith he who the companions of cadmus are [the infants of Abraham the Jew] & what that serpent is which devoured them [the King with a great sword] & what the hollow oak is to which Cadmus fastned the serpent unto.
Learn which Dianas Doves are which do vanquish the Green Lyon by aswaging him, [that is, learn to sublime this oak by the central salt of Venus, (as he elswhere expresses it) to infold Diana in the arms of Venus, by which means the activity & dissolving faculty of the salt is asswaged.] And then learn to turn these Doves into the Caducean rod of 263f with which he worketh wonders & what the nymphs are vizt two serpents about his rod etc which he infects by incantation, & calcines into a black powder For without this golden rod upon which the two doves sit, there is no going down to hell.

The hollow oak the rose tree & the white heavy water, in the 3d Embl. of Abraham the Jew, compose this rod.
Thus also, as saith Mary, fumus complectitur fumum et herba alba crescens super monticulis capit utrumque.
Maier [...] This rod as was said is the fire of the Sophi called above the bond of 263f.
Unless you had rather there understand by that bond, the mountain of 2640 & 263f without theother two principles of the fire & the liquor of saturnia .
This rod is also Philaletha's waterbearer who was all one with his water & his silver-coloured pitcher; in which pitcher was conteined fire shining like a lamp from the center on the starry surface.
For the water saith Cosmopolite is extracted out of the rays of the Sun & Moon. This rod was anciently
painted thus
caduceus with wings with wings (whence this figure 263f) & therefore
tis volatile Maier Emblem 10..
The two serpents saith Flamel are the two Dragons which in the whole work devour each other the one male without wings the other female & winged & therefore they are the Chalybs & Magnet prepared.

They are the king & Queen with which together with the waterbearer Philaletha begins the work. The
King is there described one of the 7 metals cloathed down to the ground with a roab of Gold & with a crown of gold He is prepared artificially for he called the Son of the waterbearer & of the Queen that is of a substance common to them both whereby he is extracted.
He lies hid in the bottom of the great sea of the world without blood & bone & can stop the high ships of this sea that is retain the spirits of the world. He is the treasure lying hid in the caelestial aqua vitae of our sea & is extracted out of the great sea by our Magnet.

The natural way to take him is to turn him first into water & then into earth (Instructio patris de ore solari.
This is the metallique fixt salt, through the help of which Mercu after he had by his wings brought the King up to his throne, (that is after he became the rod of 263f) established an everlasting Kingdom.
The carbuncle set in Mars's crown [...] the martial ruby which with the venereal
Emrauld were stuck in Diana's crown &, by the help of which Diana was to bear solary children.

This is the spere of 2642 & the living gold of Philosophers, Our Vulcan.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lilith or the shadow of Eve

"Et occurrent daemonia onocentauris et pilosus clamabit alter ad alterum ibi cubavit Lamia et invenit sibi requiem."

(Isaias Propheta) 34.14, Vulgate

This narration is about the hour when Hawwāh/Eve still wasn't taken from the Adam/Adamah's rib; she didn't exist yet but in the Adamah's rib; in the obscure höurs before Hawwāh/Eve existed...

...Eve did not yet exist on the sixth day of Creation, when Yahweh God had allowed Adam to give names to all the beasts, birds and other living things...when they paraded before him in pairs, male and female, Adam, who was twenty years old, he was jealous of their love, and although he -even- copulated with each female beast in turn, found no satisfaction in the act.

He therefore cried: "All creatures have a suitable mate, but me!" And prayed God would remedy this injustice...

Yahweh then formed Lilith, the first woman, just as Adam Lilith was formed, but instead of pure powder, He used manure and sediment: Lilith was created of excrements...

Another similar woman, named Na'amah was created in the same fashion, so both women were before Eve: from the Adam's union with both women at, the same time, were born a new human breed, the Na'amits, trunk and origin of all the criminals of the world until today.

And Cain.

Adam and Lilith and Na'mah never found harmony together, because when he wanted to have sex with them, They were offended by the lying posture he demanded. "Why should we lie beneath you?" They asked, "We were made of dust, too, and therefore we are your equal" Adam tried to force them to obey, Lilith enraged uttered the magic name of God, rose into the air, and left, flying with her swan wings, along with Na'amah her lover, under the eclipsing binary star, Algol: this is, The Serpent Sammael; the old Serpens Albus.

Leaving Eden, she went to the Red Sea, home of many Aramaic demons, where she surrendered to lust with them and with Na'amah, giving birth to the Lilim, people all covered in hair...the Lilim are a deviated human race, which still exists today, among us; they're not sons of the Adam's sperm, but sons of the Beelzebub's sperm: sons of the ancient Serpens Albus, who existed before the world would exist: after this Lilith was cursed to never be able to shut her eyes...

...Lilith loved the man's semen and walked always on the lookout, late at night, to see where it had fallen down (usually in the sheets, during nocturnal emission): she also enjoyed multiple and massive penetrations by the different beasts of the means of the man's semen she procreated only demons, since she was demonized herself, same as Na'amah, the pleasant, because they descended into animals, as they did feast on their flesh each other.

Their blood was inebriated with bloodstream of Iblis Himself, this is, the ancient White Viper, who exists before the world would exist...she, and Na'amah, both acquired an eventual serpent-like succubi nature, because they were exalted, because they were like the Lamia...

In perversion they were exalted by the ancient Horned Viper, who exists before the world would exist.

Lilith stalked the sleep of the hüman male since she abandoned Eden, as she used the semen to impregnate human females, and to impregnate herself, reason why she was constantly pregnant and giving birth...the children of Lilith filled and fill the Ëarth, because they're and were a hüman race until today, though their blood is contaminated with the blood of the ancient White Serpent, who existed before the man would exist, who is Luzbel Himself.

An' as Lilith was once a woman, perfect counterpart of Adam [because she was inside of Adam, because she was the Adam's feminine part], and as once she was beautiful; she turned into repugnant Lamia, later; this is, Drakaina: angel of prostitution, holder of the magic, the lunar lore; owner of torches and dogs, as she lied with dogs herself, because the semen was never enough for the she-basilisk...

So as soon as Lilith got pregnant she lied new eggs on his nauseating nest, homestall of all the repugnances.

...Many, many generations after her escape from Eden, Lilith shattered the Na'amah's body, tranced in sexual fury, and then came before the king Solomon's court disguised as harlot of Jerusalem, dressed with the Na'amah's she arrived to the gates of the palace she was caught and thrown to the jackals of Palestine, who mounted her, and then dismembered her body and devoured her alive.

And devoured her alive.

And devoured her alive.

"Wildcats shall meet the hyenas,
Goat-demons shall greet each other;
There too the lilith shall repose
And find herself a resting place."

(Isaiah 34:14)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

reindeer totem

returning, image-wise, to my native saami (northern-artic Finnish) roots here.
The white forked piece is a fall-off from reindeer antler shedding.
reindeer Antler is considered to be strong energy.
I have returned there often in dreams.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Grease & Chanel # 19

I've been up and down, I've been all around, so I was mystified, almost terrified

But late at night I still hear you call my name.

I've been on my own, I've been all alone, so I was hypnotized, I felt paralyzed

But late at night I still want you just the same...

I've been a gambler, but I'm nobody's fool; and I sure know something, sure know something

You showed me things they never taught me in school; and I sure know something, sure know something

No one can make me feel the way that you do; and I maybe know something, aha.

I was seventeen, you were just a dream, so I was mesmerized, I felt scared inside

You broke my heart and I still can feel the I've been counted out, I've had fear and doubt

I've been starry eyed, never satisfied: 'cause late at night I still need you just the same

Just the same.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

in the "mill"

Dan at work painting crackle finish doors in the CBS "mill"... (where the sets are built)

Saturday, September 4, 2010



...I think it was February, maybe March, we moved from our old and ample flat in Lanus, to a house in Remedios de Escalada, some near but distant zones in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, where everything is distant, even one's own shadow. I think it was 2001.

I couldn't walk during the move, I had a fracture in the ischium, and had to spend 30 years in bed, they helped me to sit was a car; the whole travel toward our new home in the night was as short as interminable, the removal van was ahead, we were like a caravan of Gypsies going nowhere, the stars above were dumb, deaf, retarded, too distant to understand or to see.

The flat where we have been living, it was located in one of the most remote and wild zones of Lanus, almost at the edge of the district, the flat was part of a tower blocks complex, familiarly known as monoblocks over there: the complex was like a polygon, surrounded by the absolute nothing, and united to the inhabitated areas of the district by means of a road.
It was like an extraterrestrial, isolated tower blocks dome: my years in the tower blocks were strange, I felt in an island of concrete, incommunicado from the world, which was distant and was the nights, the Moon bathed in white horror the carpet of a room which was my cabinet: I was out of this world.


The whole travel toward our new home was as nocturnal as infernal, the removal van was ahead, we were like a caravan of Gypsies going into the midnight fury.

Something was broken, and I didn't care about the place where I'd live anymore: all the places were good, nowhere was good; all the places were my place; nowhere, never, nevermore.

The stars above were dumb, deaf, retarded; the night was airy and high as the lunar noises printed their rotogravures on the dried mud; sad, like the poetry or the false perceptions.


Friday, September 3, 2010

The truth about the sirens

According to an old story I once heard, and about a Greek mariner, Ulysses...he was tied to the mast of his ship, in order to listen to the song of the sirens without leaping into the ocean or falling asleep...when the ship was arriving to the sirens' islet, the mariners clogged their ears with beeswax.
Ulysses could survive when the ship already was far from the sirens' islet, but he lost his mind forever...a more terrible fact -some say- could have been to listen to the silence of the sirens...

The sirens lived in the ocean, and they were seductresses, who used to emit certain digital noises through their mouths, this is a scientifically proven fact: the noise was emitted from their brains and vaginas' membranes.

They had an island, they hadn't any island.
The island was called Anthemusa, the island hadn't any name.

All over those islands which haven't any name, which are scattered all along the ocean roads still today, without any name, sometimes simple rocks scattered all over the ocean roads.
Sometimes simple rocky islets full of night and full of mist, there, the sirens used to rest and build their minimal homes -and they still do it-.

The citadels of the sirens are surrounded by poison ivies, and they are paved with polished stones, stolen from the shores of the males and their nations: the stones are so polished that some transparent days, when there is not a drop of mist, they reflect the solar rays like infernal mirrors.

The citadels and the palaces are built in these polished stones, too, though the sirens do not build, they move the stones by mean of their mental-musical sounds, like the ondines do, or the mermaids, and all they are sisters, born from the milk of the tits of Venus.

Like Venus, the sirens masturbate on their rocky cliff, same as the Assyrian naiads, the hamadryads of Palestine or the Atlantic Hesperides do.

Ligeia, the queen of the sirens, she holds the palace: mystery is how the sirens procreate new sirens... Ligeia is the queen of serpents, lover and fornicator of the Basilisk -king of serpents- who lays his egg into the Ligeia's anus. After the coitus, the Basilisk crowns Ligeia with an annual diadema: during the coitus, the smell around is nauseating, and the aïr is corrupted...finally she is exalted in depravity by the beasts of the islet, being penetrated by the hyenas.
The other sirens haven't the right to fornicate with the Basilisk, they just can have homosexual intercourse each other.
Ligeia is a harpist fish-chimera, and a woman at the same time, horrible curse of not being completely a woman, but a monster.

The sirens song it's hard to resist, though only the human males hear it, it's emitted from their mind, and sometimes can be heard, from the distance, all over the ample, interminable ocean roads, echoing all along the desert rocks.

The ocean is sinister, tenebricose, the Romans knew it...and they were used to the cordial and tranquil Mediterranean waters, which they called Mare Nostrum (our sea).
When they arrived to the Atlantic shores of Hispania for the first time, at night, the spectacle was terrifying: the rocky shores opened themselves to an infinite ocean: they called it Mare Tenebrarum...strange stories, told by the Carthaginian sailors -more adventurous-, they talked about eerie, unclear creatures which inhabitate those oceanic immensities, also talked about many mariners and ships that disappeared in obscure circumstances...Romans did swear to never dare to sail away from those shores.

Sirens were just some of the creatures who inhabitated the Mare Tenebrarum (as they still do it), but they were among the least monstrous, and most near to the human nations: they can look alternatively like mermaids, ondines or nereids, fish women, or bird women, a they please.
They have feet and legs like the birds; they are winged/they aren't winged...and they know future and past.

From their chests down they are fish, and from their chests up, they are woman, and vice-versa; little birds with women's faces-little women with birds' faces: fish and bird, bird and woman, woman and fish.

Sirens lulled mariners to sleep, and when the ship crashed against the rocky shore of their islet, they quickly devoured the mariners, because Sirens are anthropophagous. The islets shores are usually all covered with rotting corpses: sirens eat rotting flesh, too, but only of human not rare if they devour the flesh in advanced decomposition, completely putrid: the smell is repugnant and can be noted from the distance.

If the ship doesn't crash against the cliffs, they just climb upon the ship, and shatter the sailors with their birds' claws.

...As written in Argonautica once was, about certain mariner called Jason, and how one man of his crew decided to face the sirens song and leapt into the sea, because the sirens noise did drive him insane, and he was in erotomaniac trance...he was saved by the goddess Aphrodite, who carried him away, and blowjobbed him, to reward his heroism.

The sirens fly, they have swans' wings, and their menstrual blood is sometimes rained over the small ports, scattered all over the ocean roads, like Gijon for example, where some mornings the sidewalks appear bathed in sirens menstrual blood.

Sometimes the sirens acquire appearance of winged panthers, or jackals, or repugnant owls, with women's bodies, and they offer nymphomaniac sex, and soft vaginas to the coastal inhabitants of the small ports, scattered all over the misty ocean roads, to devour them afterwards.

All along the misty ports, all över the ample öcean roads.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the desert wash in summer...

end of summer, longer shadow lines and bluer tones
the plants are crisper after toasting all summer long
mostly dry 'round here
there is an intrinsic beauty to behold.